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Our software is sold as packages of a selected service type. Each package allows the user to solve a number of daily problems. If you need to solve more problems daily, you can buy more packages of the same service type. The details of the service types and packages are the following:


Test, early development and students

Ideal for testing the software, development in early stages of projects, proofs of concept and university courses.

  • Free of charge.
  • Low execution priority.
  • Time limit by solve process of 2 minutes.
  • Maximum 50 jobs by day.


For short running processes

Get a higher priority and increase the time limit to solve problems of considerable complexity.

  • 42 € / month billed yearly or 50 € / month billed monthly.
  • Medium execution priority.
  • Time limit by solve process of 12 minutes.
  • Maximum 150 jobs by day.


High performance

Get the highest priority, run long running processes and solve complex problems.

  • 100 € / month billed yearly or 120 € / month billed monthly.
  • High execution priority.
  • Time limit by solve process of 35 minutes.
  • Maximum 300 jobs by day.



Fully customized to your needs. Price depending on the number of servers.

Contact us to configure the characteristics and number of servers that best suit your needs.

  • Scale up or down as needed.
  • Billed monthly or yearly.

Services comparison

Solve problems of any sizeYesYesYesYes
Maintenance cost0 €0 €0 €0 €
Job time limit2 minutes12 minutes35 minutesConfigurable
Price0 €42 € / month100 € / monthContact us
Execution priorityLowMediumHighConfigurable
Max. number of daily jobs50150 / package300 / packageUnlimited
Number of concurrent jobs50150 / package300 / packageUnlimited