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Software and services to solve Global Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Optimization problems

All types of problems

Global algorithm where objective functions and constraints can be nonlinear, discontinuous, non-differentiable, and variables can be continuous, integer or binary.

Clear documentation

Full of examples and focused on learning by them, we try to make our documentation meaningful and complete as possible.

Intuitive and familiar Python API

Models written in the Python API are similar to an algebraic modelling language.

Software as as Service

No scalability problems nor hardware maintenance costs. Get all the algorithms improvements without modifying your software.

Simple licensing

We sell packages of services levels. Each package allows you to solve a number of problems daily and the service level specifies job priority and other characteristics.

Personal and responsive support

One person will help you as soon as possible. No chatbots nor support levels

Continuous R&D

Keeping our software updated and continuously including improvements from the literature and ones exclusively found by ourselves.

Deployment ready

The services are used every day and are production ready. There is no setup/deployment time or fee.

Different industries

Manufacturing, Aerospace, Workforce, Energy, Supply Chain, Task Scheduling, Automotive, Engineering, Climate, Finance, Biotechnology, Medicine and more.