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Global Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Optimization


Peerless is a software for solving optimization problems where the functions can be nonlinear, non-convex, discontinuous or non-differentiable; variables can be continuous, integer or binary. It supports a wide range of problems and constraints, and we’re working on supporting more problem types, constraints and use cases.

The algorithm is offered as a service using a Python API that produces concise and readable models with the power and flexibility provided by Python. The public service is free with no size limitations on the problems and the paid subscription is scalable to fit your needs.

AML-like Python API

Models written in the Peerless API are readable and similar to an Algebraic Modelling Language:

>> model = mdl.Model("AML-like")
>> x = mdl.Variable(model, "x", 0, 10)
>> y = mdl.Variable(model, "y", 0, 10)
>> mdl.Minimize(model, "objective", (2*x - 3.4*mdl.sqrt(y))**4)
>> model.add_constraint((x-5)**2 + (y-5)**2 <= 4, "ct1")
>> result = solver.solve(model, parameters, environment)

Check out the documentation for more examples.

With you in every step

Our support team is there to help you with any functional or technical questions. Whether you need:

  • Help modelling constraints or objective functions
  • Translating business processes into Operations Research models
  • Understanding the results of a model
  • Answers regarding the API
  • Advice about sizing the service

We’ll be there to help you in every step.